It’s still illegal in the Free State to possess paraphernalia despite lawmaker’s attempts to catch Maryland up with its own marijuana mandates.

(ANNAPOLIS, MD) Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of legislation to remove the penalty for marijuana paraphernalia (and impose a civil fine of up to $500 for smoking marijuana in public) has drug reform advocates and a few politicians scratching their heads.

In a statement explaining his veto, Hogan says some important people requested he kill the bill.

Senator Robert Zirkin (D – Baltimore County), who sponsored the legislation, explains to the Washington Post why Hogan’s argument is “patently false.”


Senator Jamie Raskin (D – Montgomery County) tells Bethesda Magazine, “It’s like we repealed [alcohol] prohibition but left in place a law against wine glasses.”

In light of last week’s disheartening decriminalization news, the Marijuana Policy Project of Maryland has written a letter you should sign and forward to your Senator and Delegates.

Senators Raskin and Zirkin are confident the veto can be overcome during the 2016 legislative session. The measure will need at least 85 votes in the House and 28 in the Senate.

The bill passed earlier this year in the House 83-53 and in the Senate 32-13.